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"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” – James Herriot

Cat Cuddles

Behaviour Modification

Whether your cat is begging at the table, counter surfing, scratching where they shouldn’t, not using the litter box properly, or displaying aggression, almost all behaviours can be modified with an appropriate training plan and environmental alterations. 

*Please note that there are some instances where additional professionals may be required.

Trick Training

Tricks can be a great way to build your bond with your cat, reduce the instances of inappropriate behaviours, and challenge your cat’s mind! Whether it’s a practical sit-stay to prevent door dashing or jumping through hoops and skateboarding, I can help you get started on your clicker training journey! 


Initial Consultation: $100 


An in-depth conversation and intake of the behaviour(s) being experienced and the creation of a treatment plan that focuses on the best way of helping your unique situation and consideration for your lifestyle needs. Treatment plans include active training and environmental adjustments.

This also includes two additional short follow-ups to go over how the treatment plan is working and make adjustments as needed. 

*Currently all consultations are being done via phone/video call*.


Follow up Consultation: $50 


A review of what has been done, what is recurring, and appropriate adjustments to the treatment plan.  

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