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“All you need is love and a cat.” – Unknown



Most people know that cats are solitary animals, but did you know that they are highly trainable? They just need the right motivation! 

Cats are unique beings and as such, they have unique requirements. With my guidance, we can make the most of your cat’s life with you and strengthen your bond. 


My goal is to help you understand what your cat is telling you, and create a language you can both understand through the use of positive reinforcement training. 


I work with all kinds of behaviours including attention seeking, inappropriate elimination, inappropriate scratching, cat introductions, aggression, and everything in between! I provide coaching and support as we work through your cat’s behaviours and am with you every step of the way. 


My goal is to help you understand your cat, which is the first step in resolving undesirable behaviours and strengthening your bond with your personal pocket panther. 


Interested in teaching your cat some fun tricks? I can help with that too!

Kristin Hulzinga has had a love of animals since she was a young child and has spent her whole adult life in various forms of animal care and wellness. As a teenager, Kristin started working in pet stores, later expanding her experience by working at a vet clinic and dog daycare.  These experiences allowed Kristin to gain a fascination with animal behaviours.

In 2012 Kristin brought home her first cat, a Savannah named Zeddie. Zeddie ignited a deep love of all things cats and Kristin has happily been a cat lady ever since. Her love of cats drove Kristin to put her focus more on animal behaviour and training, and later to specialize in cat behaviour. In 2018 she began working for Toronto Animal Wranglers with Zeddie, who can be seen in a variety of commercials and tv shows!

Kristin is a Certified Feline Training and Behaviour Specialist through the Animal Behaviour Institute and is dedicated to demystifying cats and their behaviour, creating more peaceful environments for cats and their people alike.

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